My Style

Prana Vinyasa – created by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective, is a creative approach to finding, and embodying the dynamic flow of yoga by blending both classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga | read more

Hatha – refers to a set of asanas designed to align and balance the body through uniting opposites; also translated as meaning sun and moon | read more

Ayurveda the science of life; “recognizes that yoga and ayurveda are one and provides an integrated, individualized, and therapeutic approach to health, vitality and joy. It is based upon the tenant that we do not mold ourselves to fit the practice but rather the yoga practice should be unique to who we are and what we need in order to support health and vitality” | read more

Ayurvedic Consultation – a personal and detailed consultation to identify your prakruiti/dosha/constitution and your vikruiti/imbalances, following up with a path/protocol to serve and balance your unique constitution. Your personal practice will be designed using the ancient and practical practices of ayurveda and can include yoga poses, breath work, meditation, nutrition and more | for more:

Trauma Informed Yoga – an evidence based practice designed to support self regulation, personal empowerment, boost physical and neurological resiliency and to increase a feeling of wholeness. TIY draws upon knowledge from all lineages of yoga to create a class with a focus on rest and relaxation, and personal agency.

Please note these styles can be blended to meet your needs and my teachings are a constant evolution and reflection of my studies and personal practice