I am always comforted by union when given the chance to create mindful energy with others. To yoke, or union is the translation of the word yoga. 

It is my desire for my practice to unite myself with the higher Truth. As a teacher, its always my desire to share and facilitate trying new things to illuminate the path to our Truth, our yoga or union. When we are nurturing our self study we observe, grow, and move closer to knowing ourselves and syncing with our soul. 

The time I have to dive deep into my own soul is ever evolving. I can say in nine years of practice not every yoga experience I’ve had has been soul shaking. However, after countless memories made from yoga, I can say I’ve had my biggest break throughs in relaxation and self inquiry, when I’ve made time for saturating myself in this practice. I wanted to start creating space for my community to have a chance to saturate themselves for a few days with these healing techniques. I wanted to create therapeutic guided adventure, and deepen my friendships and make new ones. My dedication to yoga and joy for planning, has me creating affordable yoga retreats. Browse around and see if I have a mini adventure connecting to you. Perhaps you want to create one with me at your location of choice. Adventure is limitless!