Why say YES to a Yoga Retreat?!

The time I have to invest in my soul wealth is ever evolving. In 14 years of practice not every yoga experience I’ve had has been soul shaking. However, I can say I’ve had my biggest leaps of awareness in relaxation and self inquiry when I’ve made time for saturating myself in the practice of yoga. It is my desire for my practice to unite myself with the higher Truth. As a teacher, its my desire to facilitate collectively trying new things that may illuminate the path to your Truth, your yoga or union. When we are nurturing our self study we observe, grow, and move closer to alignment with ourselves and syncing with our soul.

I had a desire to start creating space for my community to have a chance to saturate themselves in the practice of yoga. I wanted to create accessible, therapeutic guided adventure. My dedication to yoga, and joy for planning served me in creating intimate winter retreats in Deep Creek, Md from 2015-2017. I knew as I continued to venture on my own travels and grow, I would plan additional retreat offerings in various destinations and seasons. 

I recently had requests for Moving Mountains Yoga to host a yoga teacher training. I sat with the thought for awhile, flattered and humbled. By happenstance, just before I was going to commit myself to the training, I had the chance to travel. The time away was intended to be a simple trip to let the sun kiss my face, and in return it was a trip that served in clarifying many intentions for myself and the offerings I wanted to invest more energy into.

I want to co-create more people living yoga. After a decade of teaching classes I continously come back to the thought that perhaps the person I taught in class is not the only one rewarded for their self care in mind, body and spirit. Our self care translates to everything that extends off of us, and so maybe I saw five people in class, but reached ten and so on. This creates a collective energy and the more we steep ourselves in the practices that move us closer to ourselves, we lead others to do the same. Just like authenticity, the more you lean into being who you are the more space you create for others to be themselves. 

And so, these upcoming retreat offerings are an evolution of my teachings and travels. Mindfully planned opportunities for you to deepen your understanding of your yoga and to invest in a rich experience cultivating sustainable self care practices that will be a catalyst for your home practice and living yoga.